Upon Receiving Your 
New Infant!


Article written by:  Lisa R. Whiteaker





1).  First, find out whether monkeys are legal in your state, county, city or town.  Monkey ownership may be regulated against on any level of government.   Federal licensing does not obviate the need for state licensing.  State licensing, where required, does not satisfy requirements for county, city or town permitting.  The right to legally own monkeys may be outlawed at any time on any level without wide spread public notification.  Illegal monkeys are denied vet care in some states.  Some states have the right to confiscate and keep illegal animals, and fines and sentences can be levied.  Where permits are obtainable, yearly fees may be required.  Paid inspections or unannounced government agency inspections may be part of a permit requirement.  To determine the status of monkeys in your area, check with your state fish and wildlife department, with your county animal control or humane society, with your town or city planning commission or other local government agencies.   If you are able to get a permit, take steps to ensure that your monkey permit will be grandfather in the event that the law changes.  
  2).  Notify your vet that you will soon be receiving a monkey and confirm that he or she will treat the monkey. If you are having trouble finding a vet in your area, check out our vet page for a complete list of vets that see primates.  Ask your vet if he does Primate Screening, TB, MMR, Polio, Tetanus, and canine removal, Neuter and Hysterectomy.   
  Supplies needed before Your Monkeys Arrival:  
  1).  Pet carrier:  The small carrier works great for an infant monkey. A Greco playpen work well until your monkey can start climbing out.  Do NOT sleep with your monkey.   
pr_premature.jpg 2).  Formula:  Similac with low iron has been discontinued as of June 2007, the company is no longer offering low iron.

EnfamilŽ Premature LIPILŽ

Enfamil Premature LIPIL milk-based infant formula is designed to meet the unique nutritional needs of rapidly growing premature and low-birth-weight infants. EnfamilŽ formulas have LIPILŽ, our blend of DHA and ARA, important nutrients found in breast milk that promote baby's mental and visual development. Enfamil Premature LIPIL is available in 20- and 24-Calorie/fl oz low-iron and with iron formulations. Enfamil Premature LIPIL is used as recommended by your baby's doctor for premature and low-birth-weight infants (generally while they are less than 5.5 lbs.).  We recommend ordering the 24-Calorie, for our infants in developing a healthy diet during growth.  These are very convient pre-made ready to use at any time.

 Enfamil Resource Center: 1-800-BABY123
Mon-Fri 7am-7pm CST/CDT | Sat 8am-4:30pm

140602 3 fl oz EnfamilŽ Premature LIPILŽ Iron Fortified 24 Cal NursetteŽ Ready-To-Use Bottles
3 or more cases: $78.00/case



In a blender add the following:

8 ounces of pre-made Enfamil Low Iron Formula. Just put the additional 2 ounces in you frig and store for your next batch.

3 New World Mazuri Monkey Biscuits or Old World (depending on which primate you have). you can order a 2 pound bag directly from Monkeyzone.com for $19.99, includes shipping.

1 Flintstones Vitamin Complete.  We don't use Polysole vitamins simply because the oil stays on the top of the formula and the infants do not get proper amount of vitamins.

1 Medium jar of Gerber Baby food, ( I start out with Pears, Peaches, Applesauce, Bananas, Hawaiian Delight is a favorite, Carrots, Squash and Sweet Potatoes).

Mix all ingredients together at highest speed, until liquefied.   Then add 1/8 cup of Gerber Baby Cereal (Plain).  Be sure to watch your formula so you don't get it too thick.  Should be thin enough to come out of the nipple.

Store in a tight container in the refrigerator, remember formula is only good for 48 hours, discard any left over 48 hours and make a new batch.

I alternate a fruit and vegetable with each batch I make, Example:   Start out with a fruit, then your next batch of formula will be a vegetable.

Baby bottles:  2 oz pet nursers for squirrel, marmoset, tamarins, bush babies, owl monkeys are the most appropriate size for these monkeys.  They can be found in most pet stores.  You should have at least a few on hand.   Gerber Preemie Decorator Nurser 2.5 oz are nice for Capuchins, Spiders, ect.. You can find them at Target or Wal-Mart.

Gerber Preemie Decorator Nurser 2.5 oz

A important note:  When you are micro waving the formula, always remove the nipple and check the formula to make sure it is not too hot for your infant.

  Blankets:  Make sure there are no frayed edges or strings that can be eaten or wrapped around the neck.  

Baby scale: A baby monkey weighs between one or two pounds.  When grown he will weigh between five and eight pounds.  Try and find a scale that will accurately weigh between one and ten pounds.

  Baby Wipes:  I prefer to use non-perfume.   Wipes are great to use to clean up diaper changes.  

Diapers:  Huggie New Born Diapers works well, also you can order the Pee-Wee diapers.


Toys:  Should not be metal, or have sharp edges.   Make sure no objects are small enough for infant to swallow.  Babies have sharp teeth and can chew through plastic.


Stuffed Animals:  Avoid stuffed animals made in foreign countries.  The stuffing is often sprayed with poisonous insecticides.   Avoid all stuffed animals with eyes that can be pulled off.  All long hair stuffed animals should be trimmed.  If long hairs are ingested, they can fatally obstruct the intestines.

  Rectal thermometer:  (average temperature for a capuchin is 100 to 101 degrees F)  

Leash and Waist Collar or Harness:  Soft nylon collars and harnesses work best.  Note:  When bathing your infant please remove the collar or harness as it will shirk when it gets wet and could cut into your babies skin and cause serious problems.