Questions to ask before exposing Your primate to other primates!

Written By:  Lisa R. Whiteaker

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Primates interacting with their own kind provides them with important socialization. We feel it is beneficial that this interaction takes place. But before introducing your primate to others please be aware of the risks involved. While their are many factors to consider, we would like to address this from a health perspective.

Our veterinary specialists have helped us compile the following questions. Please talk with the primate owner and ask that these medical requirements be met by their primate.

1). Has your monkey been TB tested and showed a negative result? This test should be administered to all species.

2). Has your monkey been vaccinated for the following: Mumps, Measles, Rubella, and Polio? These diseases effect our primates as well as us. Vaccinations are a needed preventative.

3). Has your monkey been exposed to any contagious diseases? Especially monkeys living with children.

4). Has your monkey been exposed to Chicken Pox within the last ten days? Chicken Pox is fatal to our primates.

5). MACAQUE OWNERS: Has your monkey been tested for Herpes A & B (serology tested)? A Herpes A & B infected monkey is a risk to us as well as our monkeys.

These questions cover some of the most serious contagious diseases. Vaccinations and testing are recommended to ensure your monkeys health will not be compromised.

For any questions feel free to contact S.N.O.W.C.A.P. We will be glad to give you any information we have on medical, or health related issues.