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Here is Buddy, Lisa's new little 1year old cinnamon boy, Buddy grew up, getting hugs from his new pal 5 year old MugWhy.

Here is Lisa's 7 year old White-Face, Cheena, the best little monkey in the world!  So Sweet!

Another one of Lisa's Monkeys, this is Chloe,  MugWhy's 3 Year old blood sister.   It's great to have a sister!

And last but not least this is Lisa's doll Madilyn, she is 6 years old. Close-up

This is 4 year old Chelsea, owned by Devona and Billy, Chelsea loves her daddy.

Tinkerbell is a three year old white-face Capuchin, owned by C.J. Cody, Tinkerbell with her friend Murphy.

Little Cowboy KETO, a 15 month old Black -Cap Weeper. Keto and his beautiful Family Photo.

Little cutie Meeko, owned by Diane Paradis,  

Close-up of Binky, owned by Stacie

Little Scooter with Emily, owned by Karline, Emily dressed up like Uncle Sam too cute!  Emily drawing

This is Kodee a wedge-capped Capuchin, Close-up of Kodee, Look at me mom, I can fly!  owned by Bobbi Shackleford

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This is Nik, spot-nose guenon, owned by Camile

Here is Trouble, owned by Brad

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This is Abbigail, another one of Camile's monkeys

This is Humphrey, we lost him last year, he was 24

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Here's Teddy, a mandril, owned by Bill

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Donna Laws Ring-Tailed Lemurs, Keekee, Kayli, and the twins, Nala & Dori. You guess who is who!

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I wanna be a "Spice Girl", this is Hailey, owned by Sherry Chambers.

Indy a Pig-Tail and Jacky a Rhesus hanging out in the back yard, owned by Shirley Godee.  Jacky in his car seat. Indy in the tree.

This is Toby, what a hunk! owned by Bobbi Shackleford

This is Hannah, a pig-tail Macaque, owned by Bobbi Shackleford, Bobbi & Hannah, how cute!  Hannah with her new little Kitten

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This is Zackrey a golden spider owned by Lindsey Kesterson

This is Scooter with Lisa a black handed Spider owned by Anne & Tracy

Take a look at this little one, she is a doll, this is baby Chase

This is Sammy, a black-handed spider female owned by Sherry Freeman.  Sammy in the jungle.  Sammy in dance class.

This is Benji, a black-handed Spider Male, owned by Sherry Freeman.  Benji taking a bath..

This is Duey, a Black-handed Spider Male owned by Sherry Freeman.  Sweet face.

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Here is Max, showing off his panties

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Here are a beautiful pair of Patas Monkeys, very rare..