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Winter is fast approaching and our primates health during these months requires constant attention.

The holiday season brings with it an abundance of new and different situations.  There are special holiday foods and holiday decorations.  I would like to first address areas of concern when our primates are in close proximity to a room typically adorned for the holiday season.

A Christmas tree with all of its colors and lights is a major attractant for our monkeys.  The lights beckon them, and few can resist.  Quick hands can pull light bulbs and into the mouth they go.  The fragile glass will fair poorly in contact with powerful jaws.  Ornaments and hooks can cause injury in many ways.  The obvious of course is glass from broken ornaments.   Their hooks can be dangerous choking hazard and also cause punctures when placed in the mouth.

Extension cords plugged into a wall outlet with the receiving end available can cause serious burns if placed in the mouth.

Garland and tinsel can cause intestinal blockage if digested.

Mistletoe and holly berries are known to be toxic as well as chrysanthemums, Christmas rose, and poinsettia.

The above are just a few of the potentially dangerous items that will tempt our primates.

Be aware and especially alert when your monkey is out and about.  Preventive measures to limit contact with decorations can save needless medical emergencies.

The next issue is one that many consider trivial.  "Holiday Treats."  Our monkeys being part of our families, are often included in our holiday gatherings.  Family members and visitors enjoy giving "special" treats in return for the joyous sounds of pleasure our monkeys vocalize.  This over abundance of non-nutritional food can cause poor appetite for regular diet as well as digestive upsets.  I know it's not easy to resist begging hands and mournful cries but long term health is more rewarding than momentary satisfaction.  Limit the quantity of treats and keep in mind their overall health.

The chill of winter, whistling winds and cloudy skies.  Weather to stay indoors in warm, cozy rooms.  We must be aware of our monkeys need for vitamin D3 which they can get from natural, unfiltered sunlight.  Special lights can replicate sunlight and allow the monkeys body to synthesize D3.  This is necessary for proper utilization of calcium.

Another concern in conditioned, heated air is the lack of humidity.  Humidifiers are a MUST!  They are vital yet inexpensive additions to our monkeys habitats.

We owe it to our monkeys to provide them with a safe and healthy environment.  Lets not forget in the hustle and bustle of the holidays to keep their wellbeing in mind.  They depend on us with their lives.

Enjoy the holidays with your monkeys, give them the gifts of love, affection and attention.  They will in return reward you with the same.

We at Monkeyzone wish only the best to you and yours in the coming year.

Love, Lisa, MugWhy, Madilyn, Cheena, Chloe, Meika, and Jasmine