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I have waited four years to have this dream come true!  It finally has happened, a safe environment for my girls.  It all began with having one playroom, four years ago it was only MugWhy in my life, then two years later Madilyn, a rescue came along, then two years later another rescue named Cheena and then a couple of months later Baby Chloe, MugWhy's blood sister.  My family became larger overnight it seemed and one room wasn't enough for four bright Capuchins.  I had a adjoining room next to their playroom so I decided to open a Tunnel through the wall so they could have both rooms to play.  Having a Tunnel that is safe built like a doggie door is a really neat idea, it has a piece of plexi glass that slides down between the frame so I can divide the playrooms for guests when they visit us on occasion.  It's also great to have this tunnel in case the girls have a behavior problem, I can separate them and also trap them in one room to retrieve them.

Next was deciding on the safest, easiest flooring to be installed.  I wanted the floor to look like wood, but having real wood floors was not a good idea for naked monkeys, it would not hold up against urine and feces, so I decided using tiles that look like wood instead. The flooring turned out great, so easy to install and so easy to clean up their little messes, but for me it turns out a big mess.  Next I installed feeding bowls, what a great idea this turned out to be.  I bought a regular doggie dish and attached it to the floor using a bungee cord and hooks, also my girls love to lift the bowls out and throw everything about the room, so I fixed their little butts and screwed them down also.  Safety, a plus when it comes to the Monkeys, I removed all electrical outlets and replaced them with just covers, so little wondering fingers wouldn't get hurt.

The next step was removing the regular doors on their rooms and installing heavy Iron bar doors.  This was a great idea, they can see out and I can see in and they are very decorative.  I used a dead bolt on the outside followed by a key to use in the inside (hope I don't forget the keys).  It's a good idea and the monkeys can't unlock the door.  I also had my iron guys use a heavy screen on the inside so the monkeys can not climb on the door, nothing to grab on to, which that turned out to be a great idea.

Now it was time to add some fun structures, using Little Tikes play units, which are safe and durable.   Little Tikes Tree House is a favorite in our house, specially MugWhy, MugWhy & Chloe, MugWhy, Cheena and Madilyn, MugWhy & CheenaFisher Price is also a favorite. Ropes and ladders, hammocks, Swings and tunnels give joy to the monkeys also.  Lisa & Chloe, Madilyn, Cheena & Madilyn, Madilyn playing in Tunnel.  We have made the rooms safe, clean, and fun for our girls.  Decorative wall paper specially with monkeys on it is a plus!  When using wall paper make sure you use the clear sealer on top of the wall paper.  I used four coats so there is no seams so monkeys can not pick.  It looks great! And will last a long time.

While we wait for the outside enclosure to get finished, I decided to get a little creative.  I have been busy painting graphics in the new room.  Check out Graphic 1, Graphic 2, Graphic 3, and Graphic 4.  Room is looking Great! 

Outside Enclosure:

We built a pad 25x13 concrete slab.   The slab will be used to build our outside enclosure using chain link fence, 9 gage steel.  Me and Chloe hung out watching the workers as they were pouring the cement, getting it to the finished stage.  Here is a picture of the rest of the outside, the monkeys love the waterfall, not to mention the inside Jacuzzi house, another one of their playrooms.  The Framing has began, the outside habitat is taking shape now.   Framing is so important making sure everything is secure, so this heavy 9" steel will not slope from the top when we start hanging objects for the monkeys.

We just finished the Tunnel to the outside Habitat, when building the tunnel to go outside I had to make a flap so all my air-conditioning would stay inside, and my power bills stayed low.  Attached to the tunnel is a structure we made to drop the monkeys into the outside Habitat.

Well take a look, here is the Habitat!   A picture of the double door entry, a must when building an outside enclosure.  A picture of Chloe coming out of the drop into the outdoor habitat. Here's Madilyn climbing up to the room.  I added a heavy duty Tarp outside of the habitat for privacy, from neighbors.  A Tarp is a good idea to keep other wondering minds from giving my monkeys treats, ect.  Of course Mommy needed a place to spend with the kids outside.  Here is a picture of Chloe on the space ship.  Chloe in outside habitat on her favorite toy.  Madilyn in her best pose!

I have to say this was the biggest job I have ever done, thank god it is over!  Hope you enjoyed this story as much as I have made it into reality!

Sincerely, Lisa, MugWhy, Madilyn, Cheena and Chloe

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