Basic information about Capuchin monkeys and there diet

Prepared by: Exotic Pet and Bird Clinic

(Cebus apella, capuchins, nigrivittatus, albifrons)

The species are diurnal. They are not seasonal breeders. Average weight of an adult ranges from 2 - 4 kg (males larger). Locomotory pattern is quadrupedal walking and leaping. Adults in the wild frequently make jumps of approximately 3 meters. Social structure is non-monogamous and non-solitary. Group size varies around 10-35 individuals, average around 15-20. Number of adult males within one group is >=1. Males transfer between groups. Individuals transfer between groups after 2-5 years of age. Intergroup encounters are not tolerant. All Capuchins live in dense habitat. They are arboreal and usually sleep on a branch. They do not build nests. Food: fruits, leaves, insects, small animals. Some eat oysters, crabs, bark and gum, nuts, seeds, flowers.


For 1 animal 2-3 lb. animal. Increase portions proportionately for increase body weight. Do not overfeed. Monkeys waste a lot of food if excess is given and may overindulge which can lead to bloating. Fruits and veggies should be cut into pieces appropriate for the monkey's small hands. New World Monkey Chow can be soaked in Marmoset jelly or fruit juice. Moist foods can be sprinkled with a vitamin mineral powder such as Vionate (approx. 1/4 tsp. per animal per day). Food should be offered at set times of the day.


1-3 oz canned primate diet (cut in small pieces) Zupreem, Science Diet 10-12 pieces of soaked New World Monkey Biscuit (Mazuri, Spectrum, Purina, etc.) or can be offered dry up. 1/3 cup depending on size of the monkey. Soaking in fruit juice may increase palatability during conversion from poor diets.



1/8 apple
2 slices of banana 1/2'd
2 grapes 1/2'd
1 TBS diced orange
1/2 slice sweet potato (chopped)
1 1/2 TBS lettuce mix* (Romaine, cabbage, & celery)
4 primate biscuits (soaked in orange juice/jelly)
8 peanuts
1 TBS sunflower seeds
1" piece of carrot - chopped
1/8 slice of whole wheat bread cubed
4 snow peas


a slices of banana 1/2'd

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