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The Pictorial
Guide to the Living Primates

Can you name one new primate species listed within the last 15 years?
“The Pictorial Guide to the Living Primates” can, and it also contains over 500 color photographs, 16 color illustrations, range maps, glossary, popular book listings, web sites and much more.
This book has a conservation message and provides the current level of endangerment for each of the 234 species listed. This beautiful book, organized like a field guide, illustrates the diversity of the primate order. The reader can look at full color photographs and find basic information about each primate.

The book sells for $79.95 (Hard cover) and $59.95 (Soft cover)



Helping Hands Video's

Helping hands has 3 videos available, "Wild About Animals", "The Extraordinary", and "Day and Date".  They are all TV shows.  These Videos show some monkeys in training and also a monkey aid that is placed with a quadriplegic.  Make sure to check there web site out.  You can always read more about .  To order the videos, send $20.00 for each video to:

Helping Hands

Attn: Jean

1505 Common Wealth Avenue

Boston, MA  02135

Or you can call Jean at (617) 787-4419

Helping Hands Website

International Primate Protection League

P. O. Box 766

Somerville, SC  29484

Subscription rates: Patron-$100.00, Sustaining-$50.00, Regular-$20.00, Student-$10.00 per year.  It is a excellent source of information on the horrors of the smuggling industry as well as some great news on primates that have been saved or helped by IPPL.

 Pee Wee Diapers

(800) 377-3449

Great infant diapers, they will direct you to the nearest distributor in your area.

 Zoo Book Sales

403 Parkway Avenue North

P.O. Box 405

Lanesboro, MN   55949-0405

(507) 467-8735

This book store has a large assortment of primate books.  I have received many books from them and so has Karen Hawkins.


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Karen Hawkin's has so many books, here is a list of some of her library: Just go to your local book store and many of these books they can order them for you.

The Golden Concise Encyclopedia of Mammals, by:  David Lambert

Zoo Book, by:  Linda Koebner

The Mighty Rainforest, by: Gery Ellis & Karen Kane

Extinct Species of the World, by: Jean-Christophe Balouet

Gorilla - Struggle for Survival in the Virungas, by: George B. Schaller

Animal Homes & Societies, by:   Billy Goodman

The Great Apes - Between Two Worlds (National Geographic Society), by: Jane Goodall, George B. Schaller, Mary Smith

The Mammals Life -by: Nature Library

The Adventures of Curious George, by:   Margaret & H.A. Rey

How Monkeys see The World, by: Dorothy L. Cheney & Robert M. Seyfarth

Juvenile Primates (Life, History, Development + Behavior), by: Michael E. Pereira & Lynn A. Fairbanks

Almost Human (A journey Into the World of Baboons), by: Shirley C. Strum

Good Natured - The origins of Right and Wrong in Humans and Other Animals, by: Frans DeWaal

The Great Ape Project - Equality Beyond Humanity, by: Paola Cavalieri & Peter Singer

Into the Amazon - The struggle for the Rainforest, by: Augusta Dwyer

Nim, by: Herbert S. Terrace

Reflections of Eden - My years with the Orangatans of Borneo, by: Birute M.F. Galdikas

The Red Colobus Monkey, by: Thomas T. Struhsaker

The Macaques - Studies in Ecology, Behavior and Evolutioned, by: Donald G. Lindburg, Ph.D.

Lucy- Growing Up Human - A chimpanzee daughter in a Psychotherapist's Family, by: Maurice K. Temerlin

Apes (Small World), by: Henry Pluckrose

Gorilla's in the Mist, by: Dian Fossey

The Year of the Gorilla, by: George B. Schaller

Great Apes, explorer books, by: Cathy East Dublowski

In the Shadow of the Man, by: Jane vanLawick - Goodall

Lovelock (science fiction- great capuchin observation), by: Orson Scott Card & Kathryn H. Kidd

The Aye -Aye and I, by: Gerald Durrell

The Woman & The Ape, by: Peter Hoeg

The Multimedia Guide to the Non-Human Primates, by: Frances Burton

Living New World Monkeys Vol. 1, by: Philip Hershkovitz

All the World's Animals - Primates, by: Torstar Books

The Natural History of the Primates, by: J.R. & P.H. Napier

Female Choices - Sexual Behavior of Female Primates, by: Meredith F. Small

Zoo & Wild Animal Medicine, by: Murray E. Fowler, DVM

Adaptation and Adaptability of Capuchin Monkeys, by: S. Karger

Primates of The World, by: Rod & Ken Preston - Mafham

The Animal Smugglers, by: John Nichol

Amazing Monkeys, by: Scott Steedman

The Love of Monkeys and Apes, by: Dan Freeman

Marmosets In Captivity, by: Mike Moore

 Jeffers Catalog

(800) 533-3377

Since we have been talking about commercial diets, Zupreem makes a canned diet which they claim can be fed to old world and new world monkeys.  This is a separate diet from the marmoset diet which has a high vitamin D content which would be harmful for large monkeys.  The nice things is, Jeffers will sell it by the can so you wouldn't get stuck with a whole case of something is your monkey doesn't like it.  It can be used as a complement to a dry diet.  They do charge for S&H.

 Do it Yourself Tiny Diaper

By: Alicia Hammond

Here is the tiny diaper instructions:

Things you will need:

Material:  I found blue Jean the most sturdy

waist belt

hook and eyes

needle and thread

paper towel

NOTE: This pattern is general and will have to made bigger or smaller to fit your monkey.  If possible, measure with a string from the back of waist belt, between leg and tail to the front of the waist belt at the stomach. 

After getting the size diaper you need to sew the straight edge of the cloth cut out to the front center of the waist belt being careful not to sew the adjustable band together.  Sew an eye on each side of the back of the waist belt measuring the distance needed for the width of the tail of your monkey.   Sew one hook on each strap of the cloth cut out.  Fold full sheet of paper towel the width of the diaper holder and cut or tare to the length of the diaper.   Put waist belt with diaper sewn to it around the stomach area, insert paper towel and pull straps up and hook to eyes on the back of the belt.  Your monkey will have two waist bands, but this should not be a bother to your monkey.  The nice thing is it can be thrown in the washing machine to clean.


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