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We compiled this list of articles for you related to pet monkeys.  If you have written information yourself you believe should be posted here, please contact us.

Article about us in the Valley Explorer Jan-2001 Article about us in the Las Vegas Weekly Nov-2000
Article about us in the Las Vegas Life Aug-2000 Construction begins on our new outdoor habitat
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Rhesus monkey body language and noises Macaque behavior and "Macaque attack"
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Acceptance Anemia
Avid "Friendchip" - high tech for your pets safety ** Poisonous plants you have to watch out for! **
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Information about the Ebola Virus Enrichment Monkeys and Mirrors
Holidays and Your Primate! Important Factors using a Collar or Harness
Marmoset Wasting Disease: A Cause Found at Last? Medical Info:  Vaccinations for your Primate. Dr. George Stoecklin's Report
Medical management of inflammatory bowel disease in a Spider Monkey Modifying Spider Monkey Behavior with the use of Environmental
Monkey Jungle Potential Zoonoses From Nonhuman Primates!
Primates Social Interaction: Exposing Your Primate to other Primates Retained Testicle Or Cryptorchidism In Primates
Some Notes on Medicating Non-Human Primates Ten Commandments For A Responsible Pet Owner
"The Squirrel Monkey"  Profile Tuberculosis, a medical overview
United States: Hawaii is the only Rabies-Free state Upon Receiving Your Infant Monkey