Let Us Introduce You To MONKEYZONE

MONKEYZONE is an informational site founded in 1993, to help educate primate owners in all aspects of primate care. Captive Primate Education/Information is what is lacking in today's society. Since there is no "How-To Book" on raising Captive Primates. Also we feel it is the utmost importance these primates interact with their own kind. We hold gatherings in our area to help open the Education/Information highway between primate owners, sharing with others benefits greatly.  You should find other primate caretakers in your area and get together with them, remember sticking together can result in the laws and regulations in your state to stay legal.

Requests for Education/Information on primates continues to grow. Experienced and New Primate owners are e-mailing everyday wanting to know the best ways to care for their primate family members.

Our conversations with so many people have shown us there is a REAL need to offer additional services. We have decided there is a great need for primate owners to learn various techniques for taming and training (obedience only), healthy nutrition, vet care, housing, psychological well being. New Primate owners need guidance on nutritional requirements and most important for the infants is the vet care.

We receive a lot of e-mails regarding proper vet care, vaccinations, T.B. test, serology testing, chemistry panel, stool sample, tetanus and the Avid Identification Implant. We believe all of the above to be very important in every primates life.

We provide medical help and needs should any problem arise. It is our goal to help every primate owner in every aspect. We care what happens to these captive primates and it our passion to help these owners deal with potential problems to ensure the primates will remain with their original owners.

Lisa  (President/Founder)

MONKEYZONE provides the following at no charge:

Vet Referral-
Education/Information provided on health care and vet care-
Emergency primate help with on the phone veterinarians-
Accident and Behavior modifications-

If you are thinking of getting a monkey as a Pet, Please talk to us first!

If you already own a primate, join us in furthering your knowledge.

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